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Cows ....

Okay, So I don't know if many of yall follow me on social media. If you don't, let me set a little background on this story. My daughter wanted to show a livestock animal this year at our local county fair. I didn't mind so much, as we live on a farm anyway. I mean what is one more animal.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I mean one of those days that makes us southerners glad to live where we live. The temperature was a cool 65 degrees, very little humidity and not a cloud in the sky. Apparently on days like that, the local bovine in the area like to roam the land looking for delicious treats where ever they may find them. As the sun broke over the horizon, and I was outside feeding horses, my trusty Shepard alerted me to a couple of black cows at the bottom of our power line. I got on my side by side and went down the hill to heard them back from where ever they had traveled from. However it wasn't before my daughters show steer had seem them and started to call for them. He proceeded to bellow for them in vain until they showed back up about three hours later.

As I got back on my side-by-side and went down to shuffle the curious heifers back to the beyond, I could still hear by daughters love sick steer calling with greater urgency for his kind to come back and see him. Seriously he called and called and called for SEVEN hours folks!! Seven hours all I heard was his excessive mooing from the barn. Ole Butterchuck would only settle down long enough to eat his dinner and then resume his calling for his friends to come back. It got so bad, I found myself searching on the internet "why do cows moo excessively." So it was to the sound of his mooing that I finally nodded off to sleep.

Real quick side note, when you run a horse farm, early mornings are part of the gig. In order to get a decent nights sleep I tend to go to sleep pretty early in the day.

Around 10:30 I woke up with a start to the sound of his calls getting a little more aggressive. I sat up and reached over and grabbed my robe, I wrapped it around tightly as I was just in underwear and a shirt. The night air caught me off guard as I opened the door to slip on my boots. I was pretty groggy as I got down off the porch and started walking to the barn. My trusty lab/rottweiler who sleeps outside was trotting along next to me on the way to the barn. Half way to the barn we both came to a screeching halt as I looked up and saw what could only be described as the biggest freaking bull I have ever scene. This bull looked like he was summoned from the pits of Hell at the behest of my daughters love sick steer in the barn.

Okay, let me just paint a quick mental image for you. It is about 10:30 at night, the only lights are from the corner dusk lights off the barn. I am half asleep, standing in nothing but my night attire, a robe and some rubber boots. There is a bull standing in the yard looking just as startled to see me as I am to see him. As I step forward thinking my watch dog will help me shoo off the bull, he yelps and takes off running under my house!! My poor dog is as afraid of this huge bull, as it seems am I. My horses have now become very alert to the fact that there is another of the bovine species on the farm, that is not supposed to be there. They begin to run and snort, which then rapidly turns into pure chaos as other horses begin to run in their respective fields not understanding why. Absolute pure chaos is the only way to describe what was happening here. I step over to the trusty side-by-side and start it up. My thought process is that it worked to run off the other two cows from earlier today, surely it will run off this bull. WRONG ....

I turned on the headlights and rolled towards him, he ducked his head and charged at me. He came so close that I could have reached forward and poked him in the eye ball. Which I could have done so if I wasn't so busy squeaking in horror and fairly certain I had just peed a little. I slowly started rolling forward all the while throwing everything I had in the side-by-side at him. He finally started backing away, I started taking my foot off the break and rolled forward, honking my horn at him. My only assumption at this point, is that my excessive girly squeals finally began to hurt his ears because he turned on his incredibly large haunches and took off down the power line. I chased him down the line as far as I was comfortable doing, due to the underlying fear that I would run out of gas or get stuck and he would turn his revenge on me.

As he scampered off into the shadows of the night, I chuckled and sighed. My warm bed was calling and I am going to get back in it. I woke up this morning thinking it was all a very bad dream. I made my coffee and went outside to begin feeding, it wasn't until I noticed the line of feed scoops and empty buckets down the power line that I realized that I had faced down a bull from the pits of hell and lived!!!

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