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An open letter to my daughter

As I watch you continue to grow into a beautiful young lady there are several things I need for you to understand. Some are things that I have learned in the past, others are things that I continue to learn as I walk through this life with you by my side.

  1. I need for you to know and embrace fear. It is a dirty four letter word that will either hold you back in life or push you forward into the next great adventure. If you find that you are feeling fear so real that it is stuck in your throat, just breath. Just continue breathing in and out as you name the fear and ways to over come it. Fear and bravery are two emotions that are not mutually exclusive. You can feel fear and then have bravery move in to chase it all away. So just breath my sweet girl, the fear is only temporary.

  2. Hatred and confusion are in abundance through out the world today. If you allow it, both of those emotions will darken your view of society. Most of the time hatred and confusion stem from miss understanding. Don't be afraid to ask questions sweetie, ask questions and listen with an open heart to the response. If you step back and listen to what people have to say, most confusion will be cleared up and once confusion has started to become clearer... hatred slowly dissipates and love returns. Just pray for guidance my sweet girl, pray for ears that listen and a heart that understands.

  3. Your heart will get broken my precious girl. I hate to say that, because as your mother I do not wish that upon you, and if I could, I would protect you from heartache. However I am a realist and know that will happen, several times in fact. Whether it be from your friends, animals passing away or not being accepted, your heart will be broken. If you can sweet heart don't let it dampen your spirit. Love is like waves of the ocean, there will be times that the love will envelop you whole like the crashing waves. There will also be times that like the ocean your emotions and those around you will be as still and as quiet as the calmest of seas. Just keep looking to the horizon my angel, and I promise you will be okay.

  4. Dance my dear, don't be afraid to express your self and chase your dreams. Listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Your very presence in my life has allowed me to see colors brighter and hear songs with more of an upbeat. As a grown woman looking at the world through your eyes, it has allowed me to remain positive in the face of overwhelming fear and doubt. So I say with all sincerity my sweet precious girl, dance like no one is watching, draw all of the dragons in your imagination, and never settle for anything that doesn't set your soul on fire.

Take these lessons and run towards your dreams, and know that I am always here to love you unconditionally, support your dreams, and help you up when you stumble. We can always dance together to the music that we create!


Your overprotective Mother. .

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