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Coffee Addiction

Okay, I am still learning how to put my jumbled up thoughts into a cohesive narrative. In my mind, everything is clear, and flows smoothly into type ... however that is rarely the case! Insert nervous laugh here!

So moving on, let me regale my readers with how my morning went today. Living and running a horse farm, comes with many challenges, that I will most of the time, face head on with no problems. However one issue that keeps coming up is early mornings and bad weather! For the record, I hate being wet! Hate it with a deep passion, there is something about having my socks get wet, that just takes a good morning and turns it into a mess. This morning, as my alarm went off and I checked the weather I realized that I had an hour. Just sixty minutes to tend to the emotional and physical needs of twenty horses.

As I pulled on my boots, woke up my dogs, I walked out the door believing that I could get an hour and a half worth of work done in under an hour. Lets be clear, I have a poor idea of time management, and one of the greatest lies I tell myself is how much work I think I can do in a time frame that is not realistic. As I hustled down to my last two fields, the lightning broke across the Texas sky and I realized with growing anxiety that I would not make it back to the house in time. As I sprinted across the field, up the driveway and across a ditch, I stepped down and found out the worse way that I had a hole in my boot. Water was pouring into my boot, like the water over the edges of Niagara Falls. It was at this point that my mood has now shifted into full grumpy. We all have that moment that we accept defeat, as the water dripped down my back and into water filled my boots, that moment had fell upon me like a ton of bricks. Defeat feels different for a lot of different people, in different situations, this morning defeat felt wet, incredibly wet!!

I decided to battle father time and mother nature and was caught unprepared again! It was 5:03 and I was soak

ing wet from my head to the inside of my rubber boots. I walked up the porch, took off my boots and watched the water flow out of them as I turned them upside down to dry. I clambered in the house, followed by my gang of four legged friends and shuttered as the cold air conditioning of the house met my dampened skin. My daughter has now been awakened by the thunderous storm that is now sitting right over the house, and she stumbles out of her bedroom to find me standing soaking wet in the kitchen. She giggles and shrugs her shoulders, "you lost again this morning!"

This is my life, folks. My daughter giggling as she goes to get in the shower, while I watching my Keurig take its time, dripping coffee into my well used cup. The first sip begins to warm my soul, and I whisper to myself ... next time!

One of my four legged friends enjoying a quick nap after a sprint in from the rain.

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