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Coffee Crisis

Do you remember reading the stories when you were little about the princess locked in the tower, that is protected by the sleeping dragon? You keep reading while the handsome prince tries to sneak past the sleeping dragon to rescue the princess from the tower, only to trip over the dragons tale and wake it up. I tell you that to say, my daughter is more like the dang dragon in the tower and nothing like the princess. Every single morning for the last several weeks, when I go into wake her up for the day I get hissed at. Not a gentle groan in protest. As I lean over the bed to touch her shoulder, I get a warm blast of hot air that smells like it came from a skunks butt, right in my face as she turns over and tries to bury herself back under the pillows.

Normal morning routine ...

  1. Good morning sunshine its time to get up, here is some breakfast!

  2. response from my child .... UGHHHHHH

2. Wake up Kylie, I will be back in a second. I need to go put horses out.

b. what Kylie hears "Go back to sleep sweetie, no need to get up today."

3. When I come back in and find her back to sleep ... Kylie for the LOVE OF GOD GET OUT OF BED!!

c. Her response ... "Mom you don't even understand how tired I am!"

Okay, so lets pause here. My daughter doesn't have a job, she helps at the farm and sometimes in side but that is it. My daughter moans and groans about getting up like she just pulled an all niter working a double shift doing open heart surgery in the middle of a mine field. (Insert face palm here)

By this point we are both getting frustrated because her bed seems to have some sort of magnetic affect on her. She is unable to get out of bed with out a full on tantrum. At this point I have let the dogs into her room, because I know they wont leave her alone till she gets up. All I hear from her room is "Thats not yours!" "Kady give that back!" "Mom get the dogs!!"

Now another 10 minutes has passed and she is stomping into the kitchen where I have delicately placed a cup of coffee on the counter in her reach. It has a ton of creamer in it, but it has the same affect. As she takes that first sip of creamer with a little bit of coffee and I can see the edges of her prickly personality ease a little bit. The second sip calms her nerves even more. Lordy by the third sip she looks at me and says "I love you momma, whats the plans for the day?"

My daily prayer now ...

Lord, please let me coffee be stronger than my daughters attitude ...


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