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Confessions of a single mom

Okay yall, we need to talk. I have been raising my daughter on my own since she was a squishy little monkey. Our journey together is filled with many ups and down, and I work incredibly hard to continue to give her a good life. She is being raised on a horse farm, goes to a private christian school, and has seen more of the United States in her 11 years than I have seen in my whole life.

I tell you all of the above in order to let you in on a little secret ... I have a hard time with the word NO. It is such a deceptively simple word, only two characters long, one syllable, and is literally the same in a multitude of languages. However when my daughter comes to ask me a question and bats her pretty eyes and says please in her sweet sing song voice, my heart crumbles and I cave into her wishes ... EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

So two weeks ago my precious little angel comes out to the arena while I was working with some of my young horses, she had a very intense look on her face as she came through the gate. She went and stepped up on the mounting block which is how we talk to each other while I am horse back so I don't have to lean down and she doesn't have to look up at me. We are able to have eye to eye conversations this way. I walked over with an arched eye brow, "whats going on baby?" I asked with intrigue. "I think its time we get another barn cat!" she returns with all the seriousness she can muster and she casually crosses her arms ready for an argument. I sat there looking at her for a minute, "convince me why we need a new barn cat" I return.

She now unfolds her arms and holds out a hand so she can start making her points using her fingers.

  1. Our current barn cat is getting old.

  2. The mice population is getting a little out of hand in the grain room

  3. You hate snakes

  4. if there are mice, the snakes aren't far behind

  5. Cats are cute

I sigh in exasperation as she gets ready to continue with her argument using her fingers on her other hand. Okay I said holding up a hand for her to stop, if you can find one that wont cost much and come with its vaccinations then I will be okay with it. She squeals in delight and jumps with excitement off the mounting block and takes off running back to the house.

Fast forward to yesterday, one of my clients brought her one of the foster kittens she had. Now because of its size my daughter has to keep it in her room for a little while, so that it can grow up a little bit. Kylie is beyond excited to have this little adorable kitten in her care, she snuggles it close and bounds off into her bedroom. Behind her closed door, I can hear her talking to him and showing him around her cozy bedroom.

The sun begins to set, Kylie gathers all her belongings up and begins to get ready for bed. I head to bed shortly after her, because mornings come early on the horse farm and I enjoy at least 6 hours of sleep at night. My aussie snuggles close as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep, however ..... around 1030 I hear whispers of "mom," from somewhere in my dreams. Then I hear "Momma" steadily getting louder like somebody is standing right next to my ear. I crack open an eye ball to see my daughter standing next to my bed leaned over about two inches from my head. Holy shit I yelp ... I sat up so fast I dang near gave my self whiplash. Kylie jumps back in surprise and looks at me with huge wet eyes.

Sorry baby I mutter in embarrassment, whats wrong? She seems so exhausted and emotionally drained. "Momma" she whimpers ... "the kitten refuses to sleep" ... "I think there is something wrong with him." Oh gosh I start laughing, she gets mad and stomps her foot and looks me dead in the eye and yells "I guess you don't care if I never sleep again!!" "Oh Kylie, its no fun being a new mother is it??" I giggle and open my up my comforter for her to crawl into. She sighs and closes her eyes, and I swear she is asleep before I turn back over.

My last though before I drift back off to sleep ... maybe next time she wants another animal, I should practice the word N O !!

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