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I can't ski

Okay, so it isn't click bait! Lets talk about my most recent trip to the mountains.

Let me interject a couple of fast facts about the way I live my life with my daughter.

1 - We both love the mountains, and when I say love, I truly do mean it. We can get lost up in the mountains looking at the scenery and the occasional wild life that stumble through. Due to the fact I own a horse farm, taking days off are a rare treat.

2 - When I have somebody that is willing to pick up my mantle for a few days and run my farm, my daughter and I leave as quick as we can before they change their mind. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my horses and my job but every now and then we must get away to let our souls recharge.

3 - My daughter has been skiing for the last three years, and she is actually pretty good at it. I am guessing its a combination of her athleticism and her love of the mountains. As for me I have never skied. Never ever in the history of evers put a pair of skis on and went down a mountain, even though I lived in Colorado for about two years.

Okay now back to my trip, Kylie asked me to ski with her on this trip to the mountains. I reluctantly agreed to take a lesson with her. I wasn't reluctant because I didn't want to spend time with her, it came from the desire to sit by the fire place with a book and a good drink. So that morning we get sized for our skis and head out to the mountain to meet our instructor. Our instructor was amazing by the way, he went over all of the important information, pizza slice and french fries and so on. I should also add that my daughter is lapping us on the magic carpet exercise over and over and over again. I am just happy that I can make it down this particular part of the mountain without running over any small children!!

About an hour has passed, and I am feeling great. I can stop, turn, pizza wedge and french fry with the best of the best. There was a couple of kids that were putting me to shame, my own kid included, but I was taking my small victories where I could!! Kylie is proud and asks the instructor if we can move up a mountain size. It wasn't very big and I was kinda feeling myself so I agreed to go! That decision very quickly came back and bit me in the butt ... or a better description would be a slap in the face.

So the merry little band of skiers, the instructor, my kid and myself all ride the lift to the top of this smaller mountain. My daughter tears off like a bandit because wants again, she knows what she is doing. I am at the top with the instructor looking down and having a pretty strong tug of regret at this moment. He goes over the game plan and we take off slowly down the mountain. I had my first fall about half way down, it wasn't bad but the snow was cold and I am clumsy so it took a minute to get back upright. I finished the mountain with only another two falls before the bottom!! Phew I thought don't need to do that again!! Wrong again! My daughter high fives me and says lets go again!!

Quick interjection here about this part of the mountain, about half way down there is about two hundred feet of flat land. Above this is a walkway that is held up by very solid, very sturdy brick walls. This flat area is also wide enough that you can fit two semi trucks next to each other in it. Okay back to the story!!

We get to the top again, of course my daughter takes off doing her own merry little thing and I start slowly weaving my way down. I then get to the incredibly flat and impressively straight part of the mountain. For some reason, when the instructor did such amazing job building up my confidence with my balance, he didn't do such a good job with the steering part. Then due to unexplained reasons I veered directly into the brick wall!! Folks, I mean I couldn't have gone any straighter into the wall if I was doing it on purpose. I through up my hands to protect my face, and fell back into the snow wedging my ski down in the snow by the wall. There is a ringing in my ears and all I could do was start laughing so I didn't start cussing!! My hand was stinging and my pride was officially bruised. My daughter bales out of her skis and comes running and the instructor gets by my side very quickly to make sure that I am okay. Yall my hand is still bruised, but it was at that point while watching the instructor and my daughter pull my ski out of the snow that I realized I should probably just stick to riding horses and reading books by the fire. Moral to the story, gravity is not a myth!!

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