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I need help!!

Yall, for real!! Is there an instruction manual, a guide book, or a map that comes with navigating the emotional roller coaster while raising a girl?? The emotional whip lash this child can inflict on me in the span of about four minutes is pretty impressive.

Lets take this morning as an example, we are going through our normal morning routine. "Kylie, get dressed." "Kylie I need to run outside and finish a few things in the barn, please be ready when I come back in the house." " Kylie for the LOVE OF GOD, we need to leave put your pants ON!!" She sighs and shuffles into her room, and I go out to the truck to put our stuff in it.

I come in the house and tell her we need to go and she screams that she can't get her socks on her fat feet!! What is the actual fluff, I mutter to myself! She is yelling and throwing random socks out into the living room. Complaining the whole time that her left foot wont fit in any of these socks. Yall she has at least twenty pairs of socks in her drawer, that is a lot of socks that she has randomly outgrown but only with her left foot. The whole time that I am witnessing an avalanche of socks falling into the living room, I am slowly sipping my coffee waiting for the tidal wave of emotion to settle. While waiting for the emotional storm to pass, I find that I am curious if ones feet can in fact become "fat feet" over night.

She storms out of the bedroom with miss matched socks on and slams her feet in her shoes, in some sort of weird act of rebellion. All the while I am still standing clear, waiting with bated breath to see what happens next. With sighs of acceptance of her fat feet, she asks for a coffee. Why yes, my daughter, let me get that for you real quick. She takes her coffee and heads to the truck.

By this point I am following and walking on egg shells, hoping that we are about to get off of the emotional roller coaster this morning. As I slide in the drivers seat, she reaches over and grabs my hand. "Mom, I love you more than words can say!"

Good Lord, this child is going to give me a stroke.

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