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Let me take a short minute to introduce myself to those who have not met me yet, or do not follow me on social media. I am Karlie, single mother to one of the most strong willed children that you will ever meet. My daughter is 10 years old and has an obsession with all things creepy crawly. As an individual that is scared of snakes and things that move with no legs, it makes our outings entertaining to all those around me.

I own and run a horse farm in a small rural, college town in south east Texas. At my facility I teach riding lessons in both english and western disciplines. My facility is on the small side, however family is the underlying theme at the barn and that is palpable in all aspect of the horse farm life.

I will let my followers help me navigate through the world of blogging. My topics in the following months will be stories of my trips, my training, my daughter, and the general comedic relief of my life. Buckle up readers, and get ready to see into the crazy adventure I call my life.

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