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Nature and I

The sun was setting on a beautiful east Texas evening, and my daughter and I decided to head out on our walk. Now I normally leave my phone in the house, as does my daughter. We have decided that we are going to embrace nature and enjoy each others company during our forced social distancing. As we were headed and out the door, my phone rang. It was my brother on Facetime calling to chat. Kylie and I decided to take him with us on our walk, since he lives half a country a way and we don't get to see him that often.

Kylie and I started down our normal trail, with our pack of dogs in tow. Talking about the amount of rain we just received, listening to my brother talk about his day. We got about a mile down the trail and a small rustle caught my attention to my left. I looked up and Kylie had kept walking up the trail with her shepherds at her feet. As I slowed down, I heard the distinct rattle of a tail. As a Texan, once you hear a rattle snakes tail, it is a sound you wont forget anytime soon. Once I saw the interloper on my hike, I straight up panicked yall!! I spun on my heals and took off running, my phone tucked up next to my hip. Giving my brother what I can only imagine was a very "Blair Witch Project" view of my world. I got several hundred feet down and the trail and paused. DAMMIT, my kid!! Yall, my fear of snakes ran so deep I straight up left my kid.

Insert deep sigh here.

I spun around and she is standing at the top of the trail with her hands up, her hip cocked to one side and the most exasperated look on her face. Kyle is laughing hysterically in the phone, as I am yelling to Kylie to watch for the snake and come to me. She is sighing so loud at this point, and I can see the intensity in her eye roll from several hundred feet away.

Kyle is laughing so hard at me by this point that I just hang up on him. I can't deal with his humor, my daughters sass, and a fire breathing snake all at the same time. As she gets closer I hear "momma we really have to work on your reactions to snakes."

Well I mutter as we continue down the trail, we are are gunna have to work on my reactions to snakes from the safety of the house. She responds with, you know its probably gone by now mom we can continue our hike. Yes maam, I answer. We can continue the hike right back to the house, cause I am pretty sure I just peed a little bit and need to go change my underwear.

I am winning at this self quarantine life!!

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