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Podcasts vs Preteen

This morning is cooler than it has been, it is by no means fall weather but the humidity is noticeably less substantial than it has been in the last few days. I pour another cup of coffee into my mug and slip on my boots and head out to feed the horses, with my Australian Shepard dogs close to my heals as I step outside. The horses immediately start to nicker in their appreciation to see me, knowing that breakfast is on the way. As I walk to the barn, I grab my phone out of my pocket and open the podcast app and scroll to some of my favorite stations. History extra podcast has a recent upload of King Edward the first of England and his socio-economic impacts on their culture of the times ... yes I am a dork and I am aware of it. It is to this podcast that I continue to work for the next few hours, feeding, cleaning stalls and riding a couple of horses before my 6:30 alarm goes off which tells me to go back inside and start breakfast for my daughter.

As my daughter continues to grow she is starting to have mood swings that rival the "bride of chucky," most of the time I can tell her to go in her room and get her self together. However this morning turned into a giant mess, that left us both feeling emotionally drained and it wasn't even 8am.

I slipped back into the house at 6:30, turned my podcast down on my phone a little bit and set it on the counter to finish listening to it while I got out biscuits and eggs. I don't know if I was breathing to loud in the general direction of her room, or if the dogs getting water woke her up but her bedroom door flung open in a fit of rage. She looked at me with daggers in her eyes, "well I guess ill just go outside where its quiet!" Oh my God I flung back in just as much frustration, it couldn't be any quieter in here if we were in a church!! We stood in the kitchen flinging accusations at each other for several seconds before I realized we were getting absolutely no where other than angrier by the second. We were both crying in frustration before I threw up my hands.

"Kylie" I exhaled, I am sorry but you have got to control your anger sometimes and I opened my arms to her. Mom she whispered, I don't like listening to history pod casts .... "Okay, Fair enough" I returned. Go get dressed and lets go to starbucks for breakfast, I don't feel like cooking and we both need a minute to decompress.

On the way to town to get us a coffee and biscuit we talked about ways to address each others annoying habits. She doesn't like my history extra podcasts ... I don't like it when she farts in the truck ... we promised each other we would work on communication instead of throwing accusations at one another.

I guess Ill keep my dorkish history podcasts to myself for now.

I am done adulting for today ... if anybody needs me I will be in my pillow fort coloring.

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