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Sugar and Spice ...

Okay, so its been a few days folks. I apologize about that, I have been running up miles on my truck and trailer, hauling horses all over Gods Country. I am just now able to sit back at a computer. Once I figure how to update my blog from my phone, then we will have updates DAILY!!

So, I wanted to introduce you to the other key player in this crazy adventure that I call my life. My daughter, Kylie!! She is 10 years old, turning 11 very soon. Kylie is the light of my life, the very reason that I work 16 hour days, the fire that drives me to be better and do better. I have never known so much joy, as well as irritation, all because of one person.

Now, I am not one of those moms that likes to tell you that being a mom is the best job in the world!! Do not get me wrong, it is the most rewarding at times, however it is HARD!!! I'm talking about "cant find the light switch in a dark room kind of hard," I'm talking the kinda hard that makes walking on Lego's look easy!! Kylie is in that "tween" stage of growth, which comes with some pretty amazing mood swings too. When I found out I was having a girl, I imagined all of the dresses, and bows, and cute shoes that I would dress her in. I thought about all the princess' and tutu's that we would talk about. What I didn't realize that even though I tried to put her in those cute dresses, the river of life would pull her in a completely opposite direction.

Instead of a little girl filled with sugar and spice and everything nice, I got a smaller version of myself! A young lady who isn't afraid to get dirty, who loves all of God's creatures, and who is unapologetic about being head strong. In my house we live by the motto "Quite girls don't make history!" Now, I tell you the information about my daughter so that, as I tell you about feeding last night.

This whole incident happened yesterday evening during feeding. After I left my day job, I went and picked Kylie up from school and went home. Her tutor met us at the house and they went to study, while I went to the barn to start feeding. I made up the first four horses dinner and walked around the back of the barn to start feeding. I noticed that one of the horses had tipped their water bucket over and it was in the back of the stall. Its totally normal for certain horses to do that, as they get board through out the day and the water bucket seems like a fun play toy to them. Not really thinking anything of it, I fed the horses and ducked into the stall to retrieve the water bucket from the back. It was once I lifted the bucket, and notice with sheer horror that underneath the bucket was a snake, it was a dead snake but a snake, none the less. So lets pause real quick so I can tell you, I have a very irrational fear that a dead snake will magically come back to life. I am aware that it is irrational but it is a fear, none the less.

I ran up to the house to get my daughter, because despite my attempts at keeping her away from creepy crawly things, she is completely fascinated by them. Kylie goes to get a pitchfork, and grabs the snake, throws it in a bucket, loads the bucket and drives off with it in the Mule. She comes back a few minutes later smiling, as she parks the Mule and climbs out, I ask where she put it? Folks, the fear is still there, maybe its alive, maybe it is coming for revenge ....

My amazing, wonderful, strong willed, snake loving daughter looks at me and chuckles. With a grin still playing on the corner of her lips, she sighs and says "mamma

, I sent it back to hell, you can rest easy!"

This is my daughter folks, she is filled with a little bit of sugar, a whole lot of spice, and several qualities that I can't quite put my finger on yet.

Coming back from dropping the dead snake off in hell?!?!

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