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Things to be grateful for ...

Well its been a minute since I posted a blog update, I have been living off of the computer and in the moment celebrating the Christmas holidays with my family and loved ones. I just wanted to take a minute and share a little bit about my Christmas.

Okay, so as you have all figured out by now, I live on and own a horse farm. Holidays aren't really celebrated by sleeping in and staying in your pajamas all day. Especially when you live with a 10 year old who is excited about Christmas. The late night, quickly turned into an early morning between the visit from Santa and horses needing their breakfast along with their Christmas morning treats we always give them.

After gifts had been opened from Santa, and the trash cleared away, we loaded up to head to my Mom's house for a Christmas lunch and to open a few more gifts from her. Unbeknownst to me, my daughter had written a lovely essay entitled "What I am grateful for!" That she had placed in a decorated envelope and instructed me to open it at my moms house, because she wanted to share it with my mother as well.

Yall, it was a beautiful essay about everything in life that she was grateful for. She talked about how hard that she sees me working for her, in order to give her the best life I can give her. She talked about the importance of family with me and my mother. She further explained how grateful she was to be living on a horse farm and growing up surrounded by so many animals. While reading it, I got in my feelings a little bit. It was soul fulfilling to read something so beautiful and realizing that she sees it all, the hard work, the family time, the horses, and doesn't take it for granted. I felt a tear slip down my cheek as I turned the last page to read her conclusion.

She concludes this beautiful essay with the last thing she is most grateful for ... "TARGET!" Yall, I can't make this up! My beautiful, smart, intelligent daughter seems to have inherited my addiction for shopping at Target. Target is the only store that seems to have everything she goes on to write in the essay. She talks about being able to by orange juice, bread and toys all in one place. Even how you can just go to Target and wonder up and down the aisles until you remember what you need. That just being in Target relaxes you. All of this and more are written and discussed in her essay entitled "What I am grateful for!" I couldn't help but start to laugh. Here she is folks, my wonderful, talented, target obsessed daughter!

Well you know what, I am also grateful for Target! :)

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