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Thoughts from a mother

Okay yall, it has been a hot minute since I have been on here with an update on my crazy life. I have slowly been sliding into a new routine within the new year. We all know the routine, where you make vows to yourself to do things different this year. Eat better, sleep more, communicate more efficiently, WRITE THE CORRECT YEAR AND DATE ON A CHECK!! Gah, that last one gets me every year!

This new year has several changes just on the horizon, for my business as well as my daughter. My daughter is turning 11, we are officially entering the preteen stages, and yall it scares the living heck out of me. Her mood swings are epic, and her diversion to shampoo has got me confused as all heck! Let me give you all a fine example of a combination of the mood swings and the obvious allergy to being clean rolled up into one amazing encounter.

As I am sure you are all aware, we live on a horse farm. Filled with the obvious parts of the outdoors; dirt, sweat, flies, and all things manure related. When my daughter rides she wears a helmet, as a good mom and trainer I demand it of her, because she is my only and I am trying to keep her safe. She huffs and puffs but for the most part she always abides by my wishes. She was getting ready for a horse show this past weekend, which means the week before she rode almost daily. Which for all of yall doing the math, that means about 6 days of her hair being trapped under a helmet while she was sweating and basically learning to become one with a horse. Now, lets move the clock to this past Thursday evening. Its late, and as per our normal routine, I come in after teaching lessons we eat dinner and I send her to the bath. With the constant reminder to WASH YOUR HAIR!! For the last few nights she has been coming out with a wet head so I really didn't think much of it. However for some reason when I was tucking her in, I sniffed her hair. Lets just say, it smelled like a wet rat that had been in a locker for about a month. So then I asked if she has been washing her hair, which I get a response of ... " UGH, Obviously cause my hair is wet!" Well, unless we have rotting shampoo in the bathroom that I am not aware of we need to revisit the idea of how to wash your hair.

Friday morning comes around, we get ready for the day. She goes to the bathroom to brush and hair and teeth to get ready for school. I follow her into the bathroom and introduce her to my life saving morning tool called "dry shampoo." (Quick interjection here, I wash my hair daily, however I ride two to three horses every morning) I remind her that she must use soap on her hair tonight, because dry shampoo is not a good substitute for a good washing. It is strictly to dry up the oils in the hair and make it smell a little better. The day marches on, night routine, eat dinner and she goes to get in the bath. Low and behold, she

still has not washed her hair. Now I am frustrated, Kylie what on earth!!! She turns around looks me dead in the eye, and says "Well MOM, did you or did you not wash my hair with dry shampoo this morning??" "And I am not supposed to wash my hair twice in one day!!" "Go get back in the bathroom" I growl in frustration!

We are basically growling at each other now, as I try to wash the hair of what I can only describe as a rabid raccoon going through puberty. All the while explaining to her AGAIN the importance of proper hygiene and that includes washing your hair ... with soap!!

As I write this blog entry, I can safely say that she is still frustrated with me and by obvious infatuation with delicious smelling shampoos, however I can reassure my readers that her hair smells like freshly pruned roses!

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