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What is a mom card?

Okay, lets change it up a little bit today. Lets talk about being a mom, and running a business, and working a 40 hour a week job. Yes, everything I just mentioned is a role I carry with me. Yes it is difficult, yes I get overwhelmed, and finally YES my daughter has an amazing way of bringing me back to reality quickly. One of those "reality check" moments happened just the other day, and it sums up what life is like in my world.

My mornings start at 3:45 every day. Yep, you read that right, 3:45 in the morning. That is when most people are still in a deep REM sleep. On the weekends, that is when most young folks are crawling into bed after spending a night out celebrating youth. Before the sun is creeping over the horizon, I am standing in front of my coffee maker, patiently waiting for the magical drink to finish brewing. I am normally outside by 4:15 mixing the first batch of horses breakfast, by 5:15 I am on my first horse of the day. Normally in the mornings I will try to work at least two horses before I go wake my daughter up to start her day. 6:30 comes, and you will find me in the house making Kylie breakfast and feeding the dogs their breakfast. The next hour is when it gets entertaining and frustrating all rolled up into one anxious driven morning.

Normally Kylie will get up, eat breakfast and go into my bed and curl up with two of the dogs and try and watch cartoons. She does this while I am in the bathroom getting ready for my county job. I have brief intermissions of getting ready for the day, only to pop my head in my bedroom and remind her to get dressed. "Kylie get dressed!" "Kylie put your pants on!" "Kylie where are your socks?" "Kylie .... " As other parents can relate, kids only seem to hear us when we start to raise our voice above a calm tone. Yesterday morning was no different, after about the 726th time of "Kylie get dressed" I started to raise my voice.

I popped my head in the room, started fussing at her about why she can't just get dressed when I ask her the first time and why this has to happen almost on the regular. With out missing a beat my lovely, wonderful, headstrong daughter looks me dead in the eye with a straight face and responds with "MOMMA, I like dogs!" Mid sentence, I stop fussing at her and stare bewildered at her. She and I bust out laughing at the same time, barely able to catch my breath after laughing so hard, I ask her where that came from? She casually shrugs her shoulders "I don't know, I just wanted you to quit fussing at me." "Im going to put my pants on now." Kylie walks passed me to to her bedroom, followed by the dogs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my kid. This wonderful, spicy little version of myself, who never knows exactly what to say but still manages to keep me grounded in reality. I am thankful everyday that God chose me to be her momma, in the crazy adventure that I call my life.

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